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Therapy Expo

  • 21 - 22 November 2018
  • NEC Birmingham



The Therapy Expo team has expanded the 2017 Demo Zones to bring delegates even more opportunities to hone their skills and learn about new techniques

The Demo Zones will be presented by experts in their field. This is your opportunity to take part in dedicated sessions where you'll be guided through a variety of practical applications you can put into practice, including:

Kinesiology Taping

Therapy Expo Delegates will be guided through best practice on how to prepare the tape for application, how to safely and effectively apply it to the lumbar spine, shoulder and knee. Kinesiology taping is important because it allows a practitioner to interfere with the pain signals sent to the brain. It can be used to decompress an area of swelling, distribute physical stress, normalize muscle tone and even delay fatigue.”

Kinesiology Taping


Delegates will be able to see Exoskeletons up close and first hand, seeing full demos of the systems in a controlled environment. Clinical studies have shown that standing and ambulation in exoskeleton suits can provide health benefits, such as: more natural alignments, improved bowel and bladder function, improved sleep & reduced fatigue, decreased body fat and most importantly decreased Pain.

Exoskeleton Suit

Movement patterning following sports injury

The Demo Zone offers a unique chance to experience one of the most important tools used for rehabilitation and movement
performance, Dynamic Movement Skills (DMS). Demonstrations will cover an introduction to DMS as a rehabilitation and performance tool for health practitioners, followed by a chance to experience this movement re-patterning method in a practical demonstration.

Movement patterning following sports injury

Running assessment demonstrations

Get updated on the latest assessment techniques, learn what you should be looking for and best practise to apply in your day to day assessments. The aim of this presentation is to take a look at how established rehabilitation concepts such as progressive loading and functional movement patterns are vital not only for re-establishing tissue capacity but also and maybe more importantly for restoring overall system tolerance.

The Running School


2017 Speakers

Exhibitor List

  • 2pure Ltd
  • 3B Scientific
  • 66fit Limited
  • AACP
  • Acten Joint Health UK Ltd
  • Acuregen Light Therapy & Academy
  • Aquamassage Therapy Cushion
  • Ascot Rehab
  • Attainability UK Ltd
  • Back in Motion
  • BackBaller
  • BK Ultrasound
  • Bodyblock
  • BodyPartner
  • BTL Medical
  • Capita PIP
  • Celtic SMR Healthcare
  • Co-Kinetic/Sport Ex
  • Co-Kinetic/Sport Ex


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