• 6 Tips for Instant Stress Relief at Work

    11 Nov 2020 Heather-Jade Stanley
    Stress can interfere with not only your physical health, but also your ability to care for your patients in the best possible way.
  • What a rollercoaster the last few months have been not only for the world, but for all of us within the Therapy world.
  • How to reach out to your colleagues

    11 Nov 2020 Heather-Jade Stanley
    Sometimes, people can find the question 'how are you' to be quite confronting, or too direct to open up about how they are truly feeling. 
  • Ultimate Podcast Guide

    16 Oct 2020 Heather-Jade Stanley
    There's no two ways about it - you’re busy: busy caring for patients, busy with miscellaneous admin, busy with continuing education, busy in your personal life.
  • 5 ways to inspire and encourage your practice team

    04 Sep 2020 Heather-Jade Stanley
    Great practice managers understand the importance of keeping the team happy and motivated, especially during high-stress times (like a pandemic). 
  • Case Study: Sales Lessons Through COVID-19 and Beyond

    10 Aug 2020 Laura Shapiro, Group Event Director, CloserStill Media
    Check out this awesome case study for the Association of Event Organisers, written by CloserStill Media’s very own, Laura Shapiro, Group Event Director.
  • Life at a distance had just begun to feel routine, but just as quickly as lockdown restrictions were implemented, they are beginning to lift.
  • Easy and delicious recipes to try this summer

    06 Aug 2020 Heather-Jade Stanley
    Easy. Quick. Family-friendly. Delicious!
  • We’re living in unprecedented, stressful times. It's important to take a moment to pause, take a breath and gather your thoughts.

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