• 5 ways to inspire and encourage your practice team

    04 Sep 2020 Heather-Jade Stanley
    Great practice managers understand the importance of keeping the team happy and motivated, especially during high-stress times (like a pandemic). 
  • Case Study: Sales Lessons Through COVID-19 and Beyond

    10 Aug 2020 Laura Shapiro, Group Event Director, CloserStill Media
    Check out this awesome case study for the Association of Event Organisers, written by CloserStill Media’s very own, Laura Shapiro, Group Event Director.
  • Life at a distance had just begun to feel routine, but just as quickly as lockdown restrictions were implemented, they are beginning to lift.
  • Easy and delicious recipes to try this summer

    06 Aug 2020 Heather-Jade Stanley
    Easy. Quick. Family-friendly. Delicious!
  • We’re living in unprecedented, stressful times. It's important to take a moment to pause, take a breath and gather your thoughts.
  • Making the most of online education

    04 Jul 2020 Heather-Jade Stanley
    But with a smorgasbord of therapy webinars available, many of them free and covering a huge range of topics, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.
  • Sounds crazy right? Well this is why speaking to camera feels so awkward and unnatural for the uninitiated.
  • 5 Tips for Making Your Website COVID-19 Compatible

    18 Jun 2020 Heather-Jade Stanley
    When you’re working quickly to prepare for re-opening your practice and implement new processes, updating your website is often ignored.
  • We know that your free time is limited... as is your tolerance for unsolicited advice and fake news. Here's how to fine-tune your social media experience and make the most of your time online.
  • PIVOT! Marketing tips and tricks

    20 May 2020 Heather-Jade Stanley
    Psychologists will tell you that there are 3 responses to stress: fight, flight or freeze. And in the midst of the current COVID-19 crisis, members of the therapy industry are far from immune:

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