Digital detox: Who you should be following on social media right now

20 May 2020

Digital detox: Who you should be following on social media right now

Digital detox: Who you should be following on social media right now
We know that your free time is limited. In light of the current pandemic we are all facing, we also know that sometimes, scrolling through your Instagram feed is a simpler way of staying connected with the world. Rather than looking the big, bolshy headlines of news websites, find yourself looking at things that move your mind away from facts and figures.

It’s difficult to navigate the internet at the best of times. Recently this has been taken to a new level, with so much focus being on COVID-19.

We encourage you to unfollow, mute, block any accounts that bring you down or give unsolicited advice. And instead, follow accounts that make you smile, inform you of the facts in light doses and don’t overwhelm you with negativity.

Here are a few of our suggestions:

The Food Medic  @thefoodmedic
Dr Hazel Wallace, NHS doctor and nutritionist, is currently working on the front line. Despite this, her Instagram feed is filled with easy lunchbox recipe ideas, weekly explanations of everything from testing to terminology, and helpful positive messages from someone in the heart of the action.

Matt Haig @mattzhaig
You might recognise this chap from his book, Reasons to stay alive. Matt is a realistic, calming voice amongst this uncertain time we’re living in. He shares funny, uplifting messages with his followers, with a focus on supporting those who are experiencing anxiety and sadness during this pandemic.

The Fabulous App @thefabstory
The Fabulous App Instagram account is a breath of fresh air amidst a global pandemic. They share bite size tips and tricks to keep your worries at bay and remind you that your feelings are valid and normal!

The Good News Movement @goodnews_movement
This account does exactly what it says on the tin, it’s good news only! There’s no negativity, no politics, and no bad news. This account is the place you can go to on social media for a rush of endorphins and to feel good about the world.

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