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Fascia and oncology – cell migration within the fascial network

25 Nov 2020
Theatre B

The fascial system is recognised as a continuous, interconnected network that permeates and envelops almost every part of the body, it seems only natural that because of its ubiquitous nature, it has the potential to influence the function of all other physiological systems.

Recent advances in cancer biology have shown that inflammation and fibrosis are identified as contributors to cancer and that changes in connective tissue stiffness influence the local tumour environment.

Presently, it is accepted that physical therapies demonstrate a reduction in connective tissue inflammation and fibrosis, have a beneficial effect on curtailing cancer growth, spreading and metastasis and improve symptoms and quality of life in cancer patients. Will this ‘new anatomy’ influence how we treat?

This lecture will therefore discuss some of what we know, what we don’t know and what we need to explore further in relation to cancer and connective tissue.


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