Gerard Dunstan, Director, Rocktape UK
"Therapy Expo is the pre-eminent exhibition for therapy professionals. It is so well organised and the biggest and best show of the year. There is a great balance between CPD and gadgets, therapists find us as useful as the conference programme. The vibe is excellent and everybody who has been to the stand has been engaged. We’ll be back for 2020!"

Julie King, Senior Business Manager, Mammoth
"This is our third year at Therapy Expo. Our main reason for attending is the mix of therapists who are independent, not just NHS. We interact with the decision makers. There is a steady flow past the stand and love that Therapy Expo delegates don’t just come for the sessions but to really talk to the exhibitors too. People have been genuinely interested in our brand and we’ve got everything we needed. We’ll be back next year!"

Dionne Roberts, Owner, Declog Body & Mind
"Therapists don’t treat themselves so Therapy Expo is an opportunity for us to take care of people who take care of others. We’ve met lovely, warm, chatty people who have engaged with us."

Chris Downton, Managing Director, EMS
"We’ve been every year for the last 5 years. Therapy Expo is forward thinking, gives us access to physiotherapists and is always a good show. We always meet fun people, spread the word about our brand and we know it always delivers a lot of educational content. We’re coming back next year, and getting a bigger stand!"

Guy Moussi, CEO, Mad-Up UK
Therapy Expo 2019 has put my brand within a physio environment and allowed me to create a network. There is a good atmosphere and we loved the energy we had from the delegates. The organisation and support from CloserStill Media is amazing. The co-location with the OT show gives us even more coverage.

Jason McKensie, Managing Director, Tower Health
"The atmosphere is amazing, people are lovely. We’ve attended for the past 3 or 4 years and we keep coming back"

Victoria Coughlin, Toro Pro
"This is our 4th year here. We come to get the brand name out there within the therapy sector. It’s the right type of delegates as is includes clinicians and athletes – we love to meet clients. We’ve rebooked for 2020!"

Adam, Marketing Manager, Physique
"Therapy Expo is a must-attend event – its our 5th year here. The delegates are fab – it’s the right people for our brands. We love to partner with companies and bring them here, and we’ll be back doing it again next year."

Dan Barron, Country Manager, Medterra
"Therapy Expo is really good – coming here its amazing to know what it is that people are actually interested in. We are able to give delegates the knowledge about our products that can’t be explained as well online. We have only been in the UK for 6 months and Therapy Expo has offered us an audience of the right people. We are pleasantly surprised!"
“Therapy Expo is the event to meet serious therapists!”

Johanna Martins, Partner, Cryotech Nordic Finland
"This is our first ever UK show, we wanted to branch out and test the market. We had high hopes… and they have been 100% met. We’ve had a really positive experience and want to branch into the theatres next year. The expo is interesting, super easy, fun and amazing exposure."

Paul Donnely, CEO, Winback
"This is Winback’s second time at Therapy Expo. We’ve had a fantastic location, and a speaker this year. We’ve had high quality interactions and we are so so happy. Its amazing to see how people love our product, and have meaningful interactions. Therapy Expo is education, innovation, high quality b2b and meaningful engagements!"

Lucille Watts, business development, Ectron Ltd
“Ectron have very large robotics devices, and it is quite difficult to travel around the country to demonstrate them. At Therapy Expo we can invite our colleagues and prospects to come and see everything we have got in one central location. And, we can co-locate with people using our devices, so delegates can come and see not just the devices on the stand, but also how it is being implemented in other clinics. That works really well for us. People can watch videos online but it is not the same as getting hands on and having a go, and being able to interact and ask questions, and meet other people using the devices. That’s why events like Therapy Expo, with its wide range of delegates, are really important to us.


Sarah Smith, partnerships manager, Mammoth sleep
“Therapy Expo is a really good forum to speak face-to-face to as many health professionals as possible; in the space of 2 days we speak to hundreds. You can email them, but they are not really the types of people who are sitting at their desk reading emails. Here at Therapy Expo you can explain everything within a couple of minutes; it is just so much easier. Everyone who is here wants to come here. It’s a nice atmosphere; everyone is professional and interested in finding out more about your product and your service. It has a really good reputation and it is well organised.”


Kevin Peters, managing director, Physique Management
“As a catch-all show for us, this is pretty effective. It gets us in front of the therapists we want to see, and showcases our brand. It is more convenient than traipsing around the country; we can see a lot of people in one place. Exhibitions in general don’t fit our business — we just do this one. The show is well managed and runs very smoothly.”


Trevor Donald, managing director of SportsMed products
“There are very few shows in Britain worth coming to; this is the best. We haven’t yet found a better way of attracting people to come and see us. We have done four years at this show. We like the quality of the people coming here. There is a good buzz and atmosphere, and good speakers. That attracts the people to come here that we feed off.”


Paul Donnelly, business operations manager, David O’Sullivan ProSport Academy
David O’Sullivan is the head physio for the English national rugby team
“Therapy Expo presents us with a good opportunity to spread our message, and to see our audience face-to-face and tell them what we can do for them. We are getting the exact target market that we wanted to attract coming to our stand, which is fantastic. Therapy Expo is perfect for us. It has been 100% worthwhile to have come here. The whole show seems very well run.”


Chris Downton, manager, EMS
“Therapy Expo is always a good show for us to meet the physios we need to meet. 2018 has been a very good show – good footfall, good sales. You get a very approachable and friendly bunch of delegates at Therapy Expo, from both the NHS and private practice. There is a good varied range of practitioners, lots of different disciplines. I have already booked the stand for next year. The team at CloserStill have been a massive help.”


Imogen Keane, clinical account manager, MindMaze
“We exhibited last year and had great success with the number and type of delegates that attended. Therapy Expo has a national reach; you get a nice cohort of people from around the country. You get a lot of different clinical professionals here which is aligned with our goals. We can raise awareness, and reach a vast number of people in a few days, and also reinforce messages with people that we have seen previously. The energy at Therapy Expo is really good, because of the amount of different professionals that you have here, both sport and neurological, and the quality and the quantity of the talks and demonstrations, and interactive sessions. Our stand is interactive so we fit very nicely within that.”


Daniel Lawrence, education director, Rocktape
“We have been coming since Therapy Expo first started in Manchester. It is part of our annual plan. We run educational courses around the country which we showcase here, and then people book onto those courses. This show is energising, uplifting, forward thinking, and progressive. On the educational front, this is the main event of the year for us, and we will be back next year.”


Chris Schiel owner and CEO, Venn Healthcare
“Shockwave modality goes across all therapists. We have had good numbers of all the different disciplines coming to our stand which is helping to consolidate brand awareness, and enhancing our contacts with business owners and therapists. Having the educational update at Therapy Expo is very valuable; an exhibition without it is less so. You want the therapists to be coming for the educational aspects, and then you can talk to them about your product. Therapy Expo has a good turnout and is well organised. I think it is the best exhibition for therapists. We will be coming back next year.”


Roger Eldergill, UK country manager, SportArt
“Our product is very popular in America and Australia, and has now got MDD [medical devices directive] in the UK. We deemed Therapy Expo to be the right platform to expose our product to the market, which we are excited about, in the UK. Exhibiting at this event has given us some good quality leads to follow up with the right people that we are looking to meet.”

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