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  • What is it?

    Earlier this year Nookal released a new CRM enabling you to customise appointment reminder messages for each practitioner, booking type, etc. It is also possible to create customisable campaigns to automatically follow up with clients after their completed bookings or cancellations. 

    What does it look like?

    Easy setup and management.

    Placeholders to personalised messages.

    What does it feel like?

    Smarter practice management. Time for a cuppa.


  • Why is Instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation (IASTM) Increasing in popularity?

    Find out with Dr Robert Crowley, Chiropractor and RockTape Instructor.


  • A 'stinger' in Rugby: a transient episode or something more sinister?

    07 Sep 2017 Keith Burnett MSc, PGCHE, FHEA, MSTA Lecturer and Practitioner in Sports Therapy

    A 22-year-old male amateur rugby union player misplaced his shoulder in a tackle during the final quarter of a game resulting in his head being laterally forced away from his dominant tackling shoulder causing a stretch of the brachial nerve in the neck, defined as being a 'brachial neuropraxia' or 'stinger' injury.

  • Able To Dance Again

    04 Sep 2017

    In 2013, Emily had a right sided stroke which led to a hemi craniotomy (removal of part of skull to relieve pressure from the injured brain).  It was later found to be caused by a Patent Foramen Ovate heart abnormality.

  • Alex Tait has represented Premiership rugby team Newcastle Falcons for his entire 10-year career. Over the length of his career he has witnessed the development of the professional game, with an ever-increasing focus on making performance gains. To help him get the very best out of his rest and recovery time, he recently bought a Mammoth mattress.

    We caught up with Alex to talk about hard graft, the importance of recovery, playing against New Zealand legend Carlos Spencer, and getting a degree in Chemistry.

  • Multidisciplinary services, provided as part of a coordinated, integrated and person-centred care pathway, will be key to ridding our society of its obesity epidemic, health watchdogs have said in new guidance.
  • The Path of Pain Any soft tissue injury to the body will trigger a local inflammatory response within the damaged tissues. Inflammation being the body’s generic response to any form of trauma is initi ...


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