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  • Considering Laser Therapy?

    27 Nov 2019 BMS Matrix

    BMS Matrix has all the benefits at a fraction of the price of laser.

    Water Filtered Infrared-A or wIRA® for short, has over 5 times the power or Irradiance (E) of any of the high powered class 4 IR medical therapy lasers on the market today as well as whole spectrum coverage from 400nm to 1400nm, proven by over 25 years of professional and clinical use around the world and backed by 6 level 1a/1b clinical trials.

    wIRA is Infra-red therapy at its best for fast and effective therapy!

  • The CombiPod is a new, easy to use temperature contrast therapy device that also provides sustained or intermittent compression to the desired area. The unit uses hot and cold compression to support t ...
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