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  • “Recovery is the most critical and misunderstood component of the training process. Too much rest and under training makes it much more likely that you’ll suffer injury or poor performance. Likewise, too much training and a lack of recovery leaves you predisposed to injury and underperforming. It is this load management and finding the optimum balance that leads to consistent high performance and resilience.

    “I believe that a large mismatch can exist between an athlete’s outputs (training stress) and their inputs (sleep, rest, attention to nutrition). We have a tendency to work hard, do more and place high demands on the body and mind, and yet have a disproportionate amount of time spent ensuring we recover optimally

  • Treating an injury-prone international rower

    06 Sep 2017 Mike Antoniades
    Franki describes herself as an injury-prone international rower who had 'bashed' her body over many years.  When she first walked through the doors of The Movement & Running School, she had residual pain in her recently operated hip as well as in her right adductor, lower back and ribs/upper abs -  all of which stopped her from either walking, running or cycling.  As a person who loves to train and do sport, this was very frustrating to her.
  • The idea of using an exoskeleton to enhance a human body has been around for a while but for many reasons they are impractical so how about exosuits? 

  • John is 5 years old and has only recently arrived in the UK.

    He has severe impairments related to Cerebral Palsy. This presents with severe ataxia, poor trunk and head control and notable contractures. He has no speech or perceptible noise creation and possibly a moderate learning disability. His eyesight and hearing appear to be unimpaired. He attends a school with a pecialist unit. English is the families first language. His family have been very protective with all his needs being met
    by his sisters and mother.

  • Over 2,000 therapy professionals and key names in the therapy world came together at Birminghams NEC, on 25th & 26th November at the hugely successful 2015 Therapy Expo.

  • ViMove technology allows forward thinking clinicians the ability to give more accurate assessment, and therefore more effective treatment, to their patients - and earn more money at the same time!


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