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  • The idea of using an exoskeleton to enhance a human body has been around for a while but for many reasons they are impractical so how about exosuits? 

  • Although sports injuries occur through a variety of tissues and in different areas of the body, they do possess common denominators; namely pain, trauma and soft tissue involvement. As a result of these common denominators so to speak, physiological factors, such as the inflammatory process which influences healing and recovery, are also shared. Acupuncture as a modality has been shown in a variety of studies to positively influence pain and inflammation without significant side effects. This makes it an ideal intervention when managing sports injuries.
  • Victoria has a long history of medical complaints including significant lung disease and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (severe hypermobility). Prior to her involvement with PhysioFunction, she had been hospitalised over 200 times with the latest admission lasting nearly nine months. During this period, Victoria had developed profound muscle weakness and required a team of four physiotherapists to help her stand and walk with the aid splints and a frame, and Oxygen. She had lost her sense of 'midline' and balance. 

  • In May 2015 Gary, a 42 year old professional golfer, had a fall from his bike. He had no obvious injuries except for some shoulder pain the following day. A few days later, whilst in the pub with friends, Gary collapsed. He suffered a severe stroke, paralysing his left side.
  • Kinesiology tape is the generic, non-branded term for elastic tape made of tightly woven elasticated cotton and nylon fibres. It is worn on skin in an effort to reduce pain, aid injury recovery, and improve movement. Kinesiology tape has enjoyed a meteoric rise in recent years. Many of the world's top athletes have been seen wearing it, and it has become common place in most physiotherapy and chiropractic clinics.
  • Andy was told he was as good as he was ever going to get. Neurological Physiotherapy and Andy's sheer determination proved otherwise.
  • Golf Injuries...

    23 Aug 2016

    Golf injuries are usually a result of the collective effect of factors such as incorrect stance, poor posture, a weak or over-tight grip, idiosyncratic swing mechanics and untrained or overused muscles. The cumulative effect of these characteristics make it difficult to isolate one overriding factor.

  • The FHT is pleased to announce that sports massage has been added to its Accredited Register, which is independently approved by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care, a body accountable to Parliament.

  • The Sports Massage Association will hold their Annual Conference at Therapy Expo for the first time. Taking place at Birmingham's NEC on 23rd & 24th November, the SMA Annual Conference and Therapy Expo are simply unmissable for Sports Massage Therapists, with two days of the latest insight, education, networking and training.
  • Kinesio will hold their UK Conference at Therapy Expo for the first time. Taking place at Birmingham's NEC on 23rd & 24th November, the first Annual Kinesio Conference and Therapy Expo are simply unmissable for therapy professionals, with two days of the latest insight, education, networking and training.
  • Thinking back to why I went into Physiotherapy all those years ago, was to the age old cliché, to help people and enable them to be the best they can be. Sadly, in the developing NHS Physiotherapy Service's are being quashed and rehabilitation opportunities for clients are being diminished. Having worked in the NHS for thirty years and really appreciating all that it has given me, I began to feel that I was not able to give back to the service and patients.
  • Multidisciplinary services, provided as part of a coordinated, integrated and person-centred care pathway, will be key to ridding our society of its obesity epidemic, health watchdogs have said in new guidance.
  • Department of Health priorities set out in a new report can only be achieved through
    a renewed focus on prevention, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy has said.
  • John is 5 years old and has only recently arrived in the UK.

    He has severe impairments related to Cerebral Palsy. This presents with severe ataxia, poor trunk and head control and notable contractures. He has no speech or perceptible noise creation and possibly a moderate learning disability. His eyesight and hearing appear to be unimpaired. He attends a school with a pecialist unit. English is the families first language. His family have been very protective with all his needs being met
    by his sisters and mother.

  • This Version of the ReWalk Personal Exoskeleton Offers Users the Fastest Walking Speed, Most Natural Gait, and the Most Precise Fit of Any Exoskeleton

  • As we approach the end of 2015 we bring you some of the special events of this year and look back on how things have changed in the last 30 years. And how rehabilitation care and independence are interpreted by everyone.

  • Over 2,000 therapy professionals and key names in the therapy world came together at Birminghams NEC, on 25th & 26th November at the hugely successful 2015 Therapy Expo.

  • ViMove technology allows forward thinking clinicians the ability to give more accurate assessment, and therefore more effective treatment, to their patients - and earn more money at the same time!


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