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21 Mar 2024

Topic Streams for Therapy Expo 2024

Topic Streams for Therapy Expo 2024

I am pleased to announce our initial content streams for the November 2024 Therapy Expo conference programme.  

Through delegate feedback survey results, research calls with industry specialists, and guidance from our esteemed Advisory Board, in-depth research has been conducted to begin carefully curating the following streams on content.  

At this preliminary stage, these streams are by no means exhaustive, but will instead give you a taste of the type of content you can expect to be delivered at the event.  

Women’s Health  

You asked… we will deliver! Following the success of the Women’s Health sessions presented at Therapy Expo 2023, and a resounding request for increased focus on this topic, we have decided to push this content stream further into the spotlight.  

We will be looking to address topics around female pelvic health conditions, breast support, post-natal strength and conditioning, menopause massage, and female sporting injuries, to name but a few!  

We wish to highlight the ever-increasing pool of research being developed across the board, shedding light on the gaps in our knowledge and understanding around the physiological, psychological, and even social aspects of the female assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation journey.  

High-level professional sports 

With new concussion guidelines, further exploration into the increase in ACL injuries, and a certain buzz around the perceived glamour of a career in high-level professional sports, we have decided to home in on the most up-to-date evidence-based research in this area and develop several educational conference sessions focused on this.  

With a linked focus to women’s health following the growing popularity of women’s professional sports in the past year, we will aim to address the issues and apparent lack of evidence around the physiological differences in male and female athletes.  

Body parts & injuries: the specifics 

Back pain, knee problems, shoulder injuries… Maintaining their popularity year on year, we will ensure to deliver session based around specific parts of the body and the common injuries that arise from these. With specialised experts in these various anatomical areas, we will aim to cover up-to-date research and best practice to educate and inspire new treatment methods for professionals to take away to their practices and clinics.  

Older-Age Adults  

With over ten million people in the UK currently aged 65 and over, a focus on older-age adult conditions and injuries will continue to make an appearance throughout the conference programme.  

Exercise provision for people with Parkinson’s, increased use of NMES following 2023 updated post-stroke guidelines, and much more, come along to discover the latest research and regulation surrounding common conditions in the ageing populating.  


Despite the specialisms, evidence-based research conducted within the neurological physiotherapist sector can be applied to therapists across the profession, helping to educate and inform new practices in a range of roles.  

The current most relevant government policy plans for Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy or MS and many numerous other neurological conditions are the NHS Long Term Plan, which was published back in 2019. They instead fall under other broader policies, with dementia remaining the only diseased to have received its own specialised strategy.  

In this year’s conference programme, we will look to bring a more emphasised focus on neurological conditions and the importance of their precedence in future policies.  

Massage & Manual Therapy

With a resounding popularity across the board, massage and manual therapy techniques, practices, and new evidence-based research has always been an area of popularity within our conference theatres.  

This year we will be covering topics including regulation within the sector, lymphatics, and other updated practices, and with our new featured zone, the Acu Centre, will be drawing a bigger focus on acupuncture practices.  

Core Skills  

Asking the right questions during assessment, determining the most efficient and effective treatment plans, and the importance of delivering rehabilitation on a personalised level, all reflect important core skills required throughout your patient’s journey.  

From communication, to leadership, to motivation, and many more: by breaking down these core skills into each element of the patient’s journey, they become much easier to harness and use within your own practice.  

Join our Core Skills stream to learn more about the importance of developing the meta-skills needed across every therapy profession. 

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