Dr Rizwhan Suleman MChiro

Dr Rizwhan Suleman MChiro

Dr Rizwhan Suleman MChiro

Researcher, Head Lecturer & Celebrity Cupping Practitioner, Institute Of Clinically Applied Holistic Therapy
Dr Rizwhan Suleman is a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine & considered the world leading figure in the field of Cupping & Wet-Cupping Therapy (Hijama). He has published scientific literature on the topic, applied it in context of Elite performance with World class boxers such as Derek Chisora & premier-league Football players such as Nikolas Anelka. He is the founder of the ICAHT institute which has educated practitioners from all over the world in the field. With over 14 years of experience Dr Rizwhan is also active in clinical practice & currently runs highly successful private practices both in the UK & Abroad.

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