Angela Botha

Angela Botha

Angela Botha

Physiotherapist and Director, Physiolistic
Angela is CEO of Henley Health Group and clinical director of Physiolistic in the UK where she has worked as an international trainer and physiotherapist for over 20 years. Originally South African trained but has made the UK her home for over 20 years. Her reputation sees her work with some of the top orthopaedic surgeons in the world from Oxford and London and treats patients from all walks of life from Olympians to Oscar winning celebrities. Her innovative approach to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in musculoskeletal therapy introduced her to Piezowave and Alpinion ultrasound several years ago and has now fully integrated into their clinical care. She is also an international trainer for Winback Tecartherapy,and Consultant Physio to the Mclaren Formula 1 team. Her clinic has all the latest technology including diagnostic ultrasound, Winback, focused and radial shockwave, neuromuscular electrical stimulation and ice compression therapy which her team combine with manual therapy and exercise to try and find the perfect recipe for optimal healing and patient satisfaction.

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