• Montgomery Simmons

    Montgomery Simmons

    Personal Trainer, S&C Coach, Move With Monty
  • Malcolm Sloan

    Malcolm Sloan

    Founder and Director, SIF Health
  • Matthew Smale

    Matthew Smale

    Training Development Manager, State Registered Nurse and Resuscitation Officer, Lubas Medical
  • Ceri Smale

    Ceri Smale

    Training Officer, State Registered Nurse and Resuscitation Officer, Lubas Medical
  • Graham Smith

    Graham Smith

    Chairman, The Society of Sports Therapists
  • Peter Thain

    Peter Thain

    Senior Lecturer and Course Leader in Sports Therapy;, Birmingham City University; Great Britain Senior Women's Basketball Team
  • Deborah Thurlow-Rowley

    Deborah Thurlow-Rowley

    Bedfordshire Support Group for Endometriosis UK
  • Chris Tiley

    Chris Tiley

    Creator, Never Too Old To Lift
  • James Tomlinson

    James Tomlinson

    Chartered Physiotherapist/ Director, Fit2go Body Screen
  • Ellie Travis

    Ellie Travis

    Lecturer in Sports Therapy, Team GB Lead and Sports Therapist, Hartpury University, British American Football Association & University of West England American Football Team
  • Paul Trikha

    Paul Trikha

    Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Schoen Clinic London, Surrey Orthopaedic Clinic, Ashford & St Peters NHS Foundation Trust
  • Dale Walker

    Dale Walker

    Lecturer in Physiotherapy, Bulletproofbodies / University of Salford
  • Jennifer Wilson

    Jennifer Wilson

    Senior Lecturer and Programme Lead, Sport and Exercise Therapy, University of Derby
  • James Woledge

    James Woledge

    Osteopath and Shockwave Therapy Educator., Venn Healthcare

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