MSK Physiotherapy - So Much More than just Manual Therapy v's Exercise Therapy.


MSK Physiotherapy - So Much More than just Manual Therapy v's Exercise Therapy.

25 Nov 2021
Theatre C

As physiotherapy looks to move towards, and rightly so, an evidence-based practice (EBP) approach, it is that very same EBP research that is dividing the physiotherapy profession. Two camps are emerging between "hands on" and "hands off" physiotherapists. Both cite evidence to support their stance on the issue and both highlight evidence to refute the opposing view. Is this "Us versus Them" fractioning of physiotherapists in danger of not helping the person central to the treatment process, the patient? 

This presentation looks to highlight some of the issues that are being hotly debated and review examples of the supporting evidence. The progression of the profession as a whole is vital to providing patients with the very best care. EBP is striving to find the best approach to treating patients. The research is evaluating the success of individual treatment interventions against another intervention. In the search to increase the science of physiotherapy, are we at risk of losing the art of the profession?

When working with individual patients and the multifactorial nature of pain, can we really expect an increasingly refined blanket approach of evidence-based practice to treatment to be applied universally to suit all patients? 

Martin Davies, Head Physiotherapist - Active Physiocare

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