Putting movement into massage


Putting movement into massage

25 Nov 2021
Theatre B

Most massage and manual therapy techniques are performed on a table with the client as a passive recipient. Does it always have to be that way? If the therapeutic goal is to improve a client’s real-life or sporting movement shouldn’t we be working in ways that encourage confidence and performance?

This presentation will show how to blend functional movement principles with hands-on manipulation of the soft tissue to give you completely new and exciting assessments and treatment strategies for your clients. Using functional movement principles allows the practitioner to work with motor control, joint and soft-tissue issues all with the same technique – the client is simultaneously assessed, treated and re-educated with pain-free interventions.

Born to Move combines guided movement with various soft tissue engagement protocols to develop a method that addresses the body as a whole and acknowledges the roles of the body’s various tissues and their interrelationships.

James Earls, Therapist - Born to Move

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