The evidence for Photobiomodulation treatment of musculoskeletal pain


The evidence for Photobiomodulation treatment of musculoskeletal pain

24 Nov 2021
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Photobiomodulation (PBM) is one of the best researched physical therapy modalities. More than 800 RCTs have been published on the benefits of PBM, thousands of papers published on the mechanism of action and dose response, more than 8,000 academic papers in total. Systematic reviews and clinical guidelines recommending PBM have been published in the worlds leading journals including The Lancet, British Journal of Sports Medicine, the British Medical Journal and JAMA for a wide range of musculoskeletal disorders. The American College of Physicians recommend PBM for Low Back Pain, and NICE recommend PBM for Oral Mucositis. PBM works primarily on the powerhouse of the cell (mitochondria), increasing energy (ATP) and reducing oxidative stress (cytokines) that lead to inflammation cell death and diseases associated with ageing. The unique feature of PBM is its ability to switch on tissue and regenerative processes. This presentation summarises the evidence for PBM in musculoskeletal pain.

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