The Original Tecartherapy


The Original Tecartherapy

24 Nov 2021
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Discover how to stimulate the circulatory system from inside using your hands with the most powerful technology in the market based on radiofrequency.

HumanTecar® works with a unique methodology that helps to speed up the recovery process. How do we achieve that? By stimulating the cell, an action that allows us to control the circulatory system and move the blood of our body in the way the physiotherapist thinks is best.


“HumanTecar® is more than a brand, it is a working method with more than 20 years of experience in the physiotherapy field, where the craft and knowledge of the physiotherapist are the protagonists of the treatment, along with a unique technology that helps to shorten the rehabilitation process. Based on the belief that the body has the intrinsic ability to reestablish its physiological balance when it is stimulated appropriately, the technologies we use work by activating the body's mechanisms to recover, to achieve a better, faster, and long-term therapeutic result. Through the use of technology, the manual technique of the physiotherapist, and the functional product of our production, we work in a personalized way with each patient, covering the whole body in a non-invasive and pleasant way.


The treatment with HumanTecar® is not limited only to injury rehabilitation, but also in the area of prevention where the preparation and performance of the patient are maximized, preventing future problems and minimizing downtime in the event of an injury, even after surgery.”

Óscar Nozal, CEO - HumanTecar®
Sosthenes Marques Wudi, Sports Therapist Physiotherapist - HumanTecar®
Jordi Mola Calaspeu, Customer Experience Manager - HumanTecar®

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