Top Micronutrients for Bone Health


Top Micronutrients for Bone Health

24 Nov 2021
Theatre C

Bone is a living, dynamic tissue, meaning that optimising bone health isn't solely about structure, but also about healthy bone metabolism.  And with 50% of women and 20% of men over the age of 50 years expected to break a bone (NOS 2021), the importance of supporting good bone health throughout life has never before been better recognised.

This 30 minute talk will highlight the underlying drivers of unwanted bone loss, (including during menopause), and the best dietary interventions to target these. The focus of the session will then move to the most crucial micronutrients for healthy bones. Lorraine will show their mechanisms of action within bone tissue and she will present the evidence for supplementing them in human bone health.  And if you're confused about the safety and efficacy of calcium - come along and see what the evidence really tells us!

Lorraine Nicolle, Registered Nutritionist - Pharma Nord - Guest Speaker

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