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Jake Ramsden, sports therapist in county league football

“Therapy Expo is full of interesting things for therapists and you can find out about new research and get new perspectives on different treatments. I have learnt a lot, it is good to go to talks on subjects that you wouldn’t necessarily research yourself. It gets your mind thinking in different ways, and is relevant to what I need.”


Josh Scrivens, sports therapist in football

“The exhibition has been great; you get to see all the different technologies that are out there. It covers all the different avenues that you can go down as a sports therapist. You have access to the advanced technologies, but there is also stuff here for therapists working in Saturday and Sunday league games. It is educational and has definitely been worthwhile coming to. This is targeted to therapists and is very rehab and treatment based.”


Tom Elsom, sports therapist, Lifestyle Therapies (sports injury clinic)

“I am here looking for new technology that I can add to my business, something that is alternative and different but yet will fit in with the sports therapy field. Some things in the exhibition I hadn’t heard about before I got here, and they have really piqued my interest. It is something that I can introduce into my clinic, and it is good to be able to see all these different options that are available. It can change my practice. I have bought some online software. It was a nice treat to also have some business information here.”


Stacey Drew, sports therapist, Body Mechanics Malmesbury

“I am here to see what else is out there and to see if I can pick up any new knowledge. I went to a session on how to improve your client base and I found that really helpful. It has definitely been worthwhile for me to come. There is always something that you will learn, it is always interesting.”


Amber Knowles, sports therapist, Infinity PT and SMT

“I wanted to gain some knowledge on how to progress from where I am with my business. It is a great networking and learning opportunity even just walking around the exhibition; you bump into people you know and meet new people, and pick up different ways of doing things. It is a great investment to come here and has been very informative.”


Sally Guest, osteopath, MK Osteopaths

“I usually encourage at least two of my team to come to Therapy Expo. The CPD lectures I find really useful and relevant. And, I have picked up some products here – it is nice to be able to touch and hold things, which we don’t do that often nowadays with so much being online. And the demonstrations are helpful. It is educational and worthwhile and gives great value. The mix of the Expo and the lectures works really well.”


Kay White, soft tissue therapist, Telos Treatment and Training (Cambridge)

“I have gained business management tips and some tools I had been looking for for my practice. I have also looked at some ideas for CPD for next year, some longer courses that I may sign up for. Because they are a significant amount of money it is great to be able to see them here. The other thing I really like is that it is good to reinforce the basics. It is informative and comprehensive. This is the only conference I have chosen to do; I like the fact that the STA are involved, and I have already signed up for next year.”


Alison Cole, physiotherapist, Harpenden Physiotherapy and Osteopathy Clinic

“This is the first time I have been to Therapy Expo; I think it is a great event. There are loads of different speakers that offer something different, and there is a lot of variety. Having been to one of the seminars I have been inspired to look at booking a day course with the speaker who gave the demonstration.”


Ian Rodgerson, physiotherapist, Ian Rodgerson Physiotherapy

“I love Therapy Expo. I have been here the last three years. There is lots of CPD condensed into two days. It is great to keep up with the latest research and techniques, and to see all the trade stands with the latest equipment.”


Jennifer Bloxsome, sports therapist, JB Sports Therapy and Fitness (Worcestershire)

“This is my first time here and it is great; it has been really interesting. I have watched a lot of things in the Demo Zone. I saw a stick mobility demonstration that will be really helpful for me going forward. It has been really good.”


Kay Harrison Vardy, physiotherapist, Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust

“The variety on offer at Therapy Expo is really good. There is new stuff, and also it confirms and consolidates things that we already know. I am interested in both neurological and musculoskeletal areas, and I liked the products on offer in the exhibition.”


Isabelle Booker, physiotherapist, Pure Physiotherapy

“Therapy Expo is really useful. It is more useful than others I have been to that are more research based. This has given me things to apply, and increased my understanding of how I am working practically. It has helped my clinical reasoning and given me confidence in applying things.”


Gar Nevin, osteopath, Cherry Hill Clinic

“The technology in the exhibition is fantastic. I find the Therapy Expo to be informative and cutting edge.”


Ann Marie Williams, sports therapist, Castle Therapies (Clitheroe)

“Therapy Expo offers a variety of different products that I can try all in one place. I absolutely love the sessions. It is important to keep up with training and I have found a lot of people I can relate to, and I want to book onto their courses. I have been picking up lots of hints and tips. I have learnt a lot and will be going home with a lot for my patients.”


Rebecca Wasey, massage therapist, Rebecca Wasey Sport and Remedial Massage (Bucks)

“Therapy Expo is really enjoyable. There is lots of variety and some really good CPD that you wouldn’t get on the internet.”


Jennie Hovard, soft tissue therapist, Reset Sports Massage (Oxfordshire)

“I have been for the last three years. I always enjoy Therapy Expo. It is a great networking opportunity and it is also good to see the new things and different innovations in the field that are coming through. And the speakers are very good.”


Ellen Woodley, soft tissue therapist, FlexBack (Worcester)

“Therapy Expo provides a cross-discipline viewpoint that you just would not be able to get online.”


Gareth Ratcliffe, osteopath (Lancashire)

“I came last year and enjoyed it and this year Therapy Expo has been even better. The presentations are appropriate, with a good variety in terms of content and they are pitched at a good level. It is good value, interesting, and accessible.”


Michael Horsnall, osteopath, North Wales Osteopaths Stafford, and senior clinical tutor for College of osteopaths at Staffordshire University

“I went to the ‘serving up a challenge’ session, and was very impressed by it. It reminded me of a whole different approach to the benefits of body mechanics. It is a great benefit to be exposed to the wider range of applications of movement, and then to apply them to our own clinical parameters. It is very educational, and a wakeup call to the wider universe.”


Gary Jones, consultant physiotherapist Physio 206 (based in Birmingham and Bromsgrove)

“I thoroughly enjoy the mix of theory and practical demonstrations at Therapy Expo. There have good speakers and there is great energy in the exhibition. You can get up-to-date with current research and learn cutting edge skills, while also refreshing skills in other areas. It’s also a great opportunity to network with others who are in a similar position to me. Therapy Expo is excellent value for money, and I would thoroughly recommend it.”


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